Electricity Sector

Warehouse Storage area:

We have many ranges of inventory electrical materials that we store in our warehouse located in Taiz ,south Yemen where some of these materials used in attending the PEC projects and participate in other private electricity sectors of public projects.

Our warehouse storages are divided into main individual types of electricity materials and can be defined as following:

1) List of Generating sets :
We have a different sets of Generating powers such as :
30KVA , 40KVA,60KVA,100KVA,160KVA ,250KVA,350KVA , 400KVA, 900KVA, 1000KVA,1100KVA,1250KVA,1500KVA

2) List of Pole Mounted Distribution Transformers :
Transformers powers sizes are 50KVA,100KVA,150KVA and 250 KVA step-down

3) List of overhead lines ABC and Power Cables :
we have a big range of cables between (ABC air bundle conductor ACSR Aluminum conductor, underground cables and 11 KVA ,0.6/1KVA)

4) List of Wooden Poles :
Wooden poles range are very big between the sizes :
8 meters ( light/medium/stout)
9 meters (medium/stout)
11 meters (medium/stout)
12 meters (medium/stout)
15 meters (medium/stout)

5) List of electrical Network Materials Accessories:
we have a lot range of electrical network Accessories such as lugs ,hook screws ,connectors ,Insulators ,clamps , fuse switch ,breaker switch , etc …..